Brisbane based structural engineering company, Incode Engineers, approached us for a new website and overhaul of their digital branding. Incode are a young, highly motivated, highly talented engineering company that differentiates itself on the market by providing boutique and custom engineering solutions for complex jobs both residential and commercial. Engineering is an age-old industry that sadly lacks a lot of digital style and a brief look through Incode competitor websites showed that engineering as a whole is an under-developed digital space.

We created a custom WordPress website with a slick new design. Using large imagery of their most eye-catching projects and designs and a responsive, adaptive new layout of each page to highlight their fields of expertise. Discovering and integrating new imagery to better explain the more complex services such as telecommunications constructions.

The design is lightweight, minimal, and the site boasts a page load speed of 0.9 seconds for the homepage; keeping their important SEO ranking factors intact. The engineering industry needs a digital shakeup and we are happy to have helped start the shake with Incode.




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