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New York Times redesign

Not every designer gets a chance to work on the design of popular brand or their websites. However, most of them have their own view of how Facebook, BBC, Twitter, Youtube and other sites should look. That’s why a lot of designers all over the world take their time to create redesign concepts for these famous sites.

The world’s most iconic websites; millions of daily page views, even billions of monthly users. These are the websites we spend most of our time on. But are they always the best looking websites out there? Usually brand websites that are platforms for a service are built over time, with gradual improvements in usability and features. This ‘tip-toe’ approach to design updates can leave some of the world’s leading websites looking a little tired.

Sites like Amazon and Craigslist have shown that familiarity trumps design for SEO every day of the week. These sites have A/B tested everything down to a tee and roll out new features so sparingly, they almost feel like they have had the same functionality for 10 years (probably true for Craigslist!).

We can only dream that one day design will triumph in the SEO battle and slowly, with beautiful websites like this is starting to happen.

Here, we’ve collated a series ‘redesigns’ by graphic and web designers from around the world, who’ve taken the world’s most iconic websites, and given them a facelift, improving usability and beautifying them – not always sticking to the brand guidelines! Beautiful design without UX in mind is worthless, but these designs we’ve curated from Dribbble have managed to tick off both.

There are many more redesigns on

Amazon Streaming


Craigslist redesign

Dribbble redesign


Wikipedia redesign


LinkedIn redesign


BBC Concept redesign


Instagram Redesign Web

Apple Store

Apple Store Redesign

Dropbox Dashboard

Dropbox dashboard


Yahoo Redesign


Basecamp Redesign!


CNN Redesign

New York Times

NYTimes Rethink Concept


Paypal Redesign


Google Redesign


IMDb Concept


Reddit visual exploration

MTV Redesign

Bing Search

Bing Search Engine - Redesign

DeviantART Redesign

deviantART Redesign

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  • Douglas says:

    Thanks for submitting and for encouraging others to do the same! Your blog looks great.

  • Hi Douglas, thanks for stopping by and making a comment. Glad you like my site ;)


  • Gennice says:

    Wow, this blog design is amazing! Very nicely done.
    Could you please tell me where you got this social bookmarking plugin with large icons? I was searching for something like this long time but never found. I really need it for my blog.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Gennice,

    The plugin is “Sociable” ( ) however, it comes with tiny icons for all the social-sites, so I’ve replaced them with these big icons you like from another plugin called “Add To This” ( ).

    Just download both, and then copy the big icon files from Add to This into the Sociable images folder and replace the ones you want. You shouldn’t need to change any CSS in socialise then, it just leaves the images the right size by default (I think?). If it doesn’t, go into the sociable plugin .php file and look around for a ’16’ number which is the size of the icon display and replace all instances of it with ’48’ (which is the size of my icons above).

    If you’re feeling lazy, feel free to just right-click and steal all my icons from above and copy them into your Sociable plugin folder :)

    Glad you like me site! Cheers.

  • really interested in a blog redesign just like follow the winds…we are an art and lit collective. check us out

  • @ NC Lowbrow Collective – cool site!

    If you’re interested in a redesign I can help you out on that front. Shoot me an email at seanobrien[at] about it if you like.

    I’ve been working with Arthemia Premium theme quite a bit recently (which is what uses) and I’m now also an official Woo-Worker at and can do some cool mods of their themes too … cheers.

  • Hey Sean,

    The site is looking really smooth – I’m jelous!

    Seriously inspirational thou, it’s great what can be done with wordpress.


    Xilarate Admin.

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